About The Story

When I was younger, I had a storybook. Each page was painted in vibrant colors, each picture inlaid with metal foil. It told stories of our noble country, Angeocia. The land of golden fields and green forests. A land free from deathly frost or burning heat, with days graced by sun and nights by moon. A land under the watchful protection of the Seven Virtuous Gods. All kinds played in the glow of these magnificent beings. With the god’s incredible power and endless wisdom, Animals, Men, Sylph, and Rodents were free to live without fear.

I’m not certain what happened to that country. Sometimes I wonder if it was just a myth. All I’ve ever known is a city of cold, black stone. Grey clouds are the only thing in its sky, with night and day only separated by a variance in light. All kinds live here in harmony. But we are not without fear. Monstrous nightmares roam the pitch black streets. It’s well known that a night outside means never returning home again.

Few things come from beyond the walls. Snippets of muddled news, goods and trade, sometimes a foreigner or a craftsman. But very little can leave, both exits held in the talons of watchful birds. Be this protection or punishment by our watchful God of Kindness, our entire lives must play out here, in the city of Helleborus.

And I, like many others, simply live the very best as can be.

The Steadfast Sky, is a distopic high fantasy set in a single city ruled by the God of Kindness. 

The plot is primarily character-driven, following the lives of four teens as they struggle to live in this enclosed city. Two live in poverty, but after one takes a job as a family spy, they are caught up in the currents of political and social schemes. Two live in the underground castle, as part of an elite hunting force called Chimeras. They kidnap people from the streets at night and offer the corpses to the God of Kindness.

Things can only get worse for these teens, as the Chimera’s hunts are turning up less and less, and food is slowly becoming harder and harder to come by. A decision is made among the elders; if the situation continues, they will begin culling & selling the meat of their own children. All of Chimera kind is whipped into frenzy from this decision, and many hunters are prepared to do drastic things to stop this from happening.

With the God of Kindness having fallen silent, there is no higher authority available to help these struggling teens. They all have to figure out and conquer these impossible situations on their own.

This is not a story where we start with a hero pre-made, ready to take on a world she's built to fight in. We begin with the heroes weak, untrained, unprepared, and slowly but surely growing into the hero the world needs. The problems the characters face are somewhat fantastic, one being highly unqualified for being a family spy, another trying to survive in a violent warrior society. But they still ring true for real, terrible problems people have to face in the world. Abuse, poverty, personal freedoms, mental disorders, and the struggles and triumphs of being a LGBTQ teen are all touched upon in the work.


About the Author

Grey Scot Potter was born in the forests of Maine, grew up in the fields of Iowa, and frequented the mountains of Colorado. But she mostly grew up in the lake resort town of Okoboji, Iowa, and currently lives in Omaha with her her husband of (nearly) ten years.  She received a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Iowa in Anthropology, with Minors in History & English.

Ms. Potter has been making and releasing many small personal projects online for the past fifteen years. She's refined her skills by making a half-dozen comics she refused to share, a short skit youtube series that shes embarrassed to link to, and a couple short video games on a website that's hopefully no longer with us. She is fine with admitting that she was the lead writer for Overmare Studios from roughly Late 2013 to Early 2015. She has written several short stories and longer fiction that she's proud of, with The Steadfast Sky being her first professional, published work. 

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About The Artist

Paige Halsey Warren is wicked thrilled that her career allows her to play with ink and paint all day and hang out with cats and flowers. She was born in Worcester, MA, got her BA in Studio Art from the University of Vermont, and got a Certificate in Animation from the Rhode Island School of Design. So it's fairly safe to say she is a proud New Englander through and through. Paige moved to Burbank, CA in 2013 to further pursue a career in animation and illustration and (even though it's very sunny almost always and she misses the rain dearly) she now considers it home.

For most of her career, Paige's focus has been on sequential artwork, particularly comics and storyboarding. Her illustrations for Steadfast drew heavily on those skills, as well as her passion for history, architecture, and especially costume history. Paige feels honored to visually bring the Steadfast world to life and hopes you enjoy reading the novel she enjoyed illustrating.

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